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terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

O dia que um OVNI gigante visitou nossa base militar

Tradução Aqui:

The day a giant UFO visited our army base

26 January 2010

The day a giant UFO visited our army base
Geshu Zhang

In the year 1998 I was a Chinese army recruit stationed at the Guanxi Border. I and another comrade were doing guard duty one night, manning two different parts of our base. At one point I had a sudden and desperate urge for a cigarette and went back to our sleeping quarters to look for one. As I entered the room an eerie, purple light filled the room, it appeared as it if it was being shone from outside. I ran outside to see what was there and noticed that a few other comrades, who were obviously not asleep either, noticed the light and came outside too.
In the sky was an object, a possible UFO coloured the most dazzling purple light. Most amazing was its size: It was as big as two football fields, however due to the glowing radiance around the UFO it was hard to make out a particular shape. The sound coming from the craft was completely different to that of any aircraft I had encountered and reminded me of vibrating thin metal.
I was not scared but felt rather strange:  it really was like a scene from a science fiction movie. Then the object accelerated and shot of almost instantaneously. Me and my comrades remained stunned and as the object left the power in our base cut out. Electricity was restored the next day and no explanations were ever given to us for the outage.

I do feel in my heart that what I saw was not of earthly origin but rather an extraterrestrial craft


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